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Ingleside Animal Hospital Ingleside Animal Hospital Ingleside Animal Hospital

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Preventive Care for Happy, Healthy Pets

Your pet's journey toward good health begins with the very first consultation and examination at Ingleside Animal Hospital. We will thoroughly discuss and assess your pet’s needs as well as your expectations for veterinary care.

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Physical Examinations

The frequency of wellness visits is based upon the needs of the individual pet, but in general, yearly examinations are the best place to start. A physical exam is the biggest part of the equation. Dr. Broussard will also take a thorough history (if needed) and make suggestions regarding diet, dental care, disease prevention, diagnostics, heartworm prevention or other suggestions to help your pet.

Appropriate Diagnostics

Because our animals can't talk, laboratory testing is an extremely important aspect of veterinary medicine. We recommend blood work, urinalysis, and stool checks as part of your pet’s comprehensive wellness exam. The number one reason to do diagnostic testing is to prove that your pet’s results are within the normal range and to establish a baseline for your individual pet. Our goal is to increase longevity by catching disease processes early on.

We also encourage annual heartworm testing (for cats as well) to ensure early parasite detection.

Diet & Nutrition

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The most holistic thing you can do for your pet is to feed him or her a healthy diet. We believe that diet is the single most important factor in your pet's healthcare, but we understand that choosing an age and lifestyle-appropriate diet can be confusing. We welcome your questions, and we're happy to make recommendations during your visit.

Nutrition also plays a critical role in the management of many disease processes—from dermatological conditions to dental problems and digestive issues. We’re here to help. In difficult cases, we open a consult for free with either Hills or Royal Canin to guide us with our nutrition choices with the help of board certified veterinary nutritionist.

Parasite Information

Cat Scratching

To help better understand parasites and the health issues they cause, download any of the brochures below:

Your pet’s health care plan is a living document and needs to be adjusted regularly to align with your pet's changing needs. Call us today to schedule your pet's preventive care visit today.