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Ingleside Animal Hospital Ingleside Animal Hospital Ingleside Animal Hospital

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2031 State Highway 361,
Ingleside, TX 78362

Respectful End-of-Life Care Services

Sometimes, providing peaceful euthanasia is the most humane thing we can do to spare our pets undue pain or suffering. But knowing when the moment is right—when that threshold has been crossed—can be difficult.

Dog laying down

We encourage you to be completely open regarding your pet’s quality of life as well as your own concerns and needs. And if you’d like our input on the path to take, we can certainly offer it. Ingleside Animal Hospital is a place where you can be honest, and we will always return the favor.

It may be helpful to write down any questions you have for us, as this can be an emotional time. If you do have special requests for your pet’s end-of-life care, please address them with us in advance, and we'll try to accommodate you.

We do our best to make the entire process as peaceful as possible for both you and your pet. We do not place IV catheters. We offer sedation for every patient so that the pet gently falls asleep while the owner is talking to them.

Pet Cremation

Cremains pendant

Every animal we euthanize is cremated, regardless of whether you choose to have the ashes returned to you (through private cremation) or not (communal cremation).

Cremation is provided by Corpus Christi Pet Memorial Center, and they offer other services you might want to consider, including private viewings and funerals, and keepsakes. Please visit their site and they can help you with any special accommodations you'd like for your pet.

Beach Time Wood Works

Wooden Plaques to Honor Your Pet

We also have the capability to make wonderful wooden plaques before or after end stage to honor our pets at any stage in the process of life. We work with Mr. Warren at Beach Time Wood Works.

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. We're here to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for you and your pet.