Often, our practice is far busier than our small town staff can handle, especially when we are surprised by patients with longstanding, preventable issues. This little female dog was only four pounds and presented to us today with a uterine infection, a mammary tumor of her right sided chain, and huge ovarian cysts that must have been chronically painful.

We had to stop everything and take her into emergency surgery . Its hard to believe that this little gal had cyst the size of grapes on her ovaries. She ate within two hours of our getting this mess out, and that was the first meal in over two days. We hope she continues to mend. Please consider spaying your female pets to prevent disease! It is an important step in both saving money and longevity.

Remember that there is an old wives tale that a female dog should go through her first heat cycle before she is spayed. We have known for thirty years that this is not true and is not recommended. Feel free to open and read this one page handout: https://www.acvs.org/small-animal/mammary-tumors Let’s avoid having to deal with mammary cancer later in life, save money, and give our patients better odds at a nice, long, pain free life.

An ovarian surgery