The doctors and staff of Ingleside Animal Hospital want to be your full service hospital. Annual vaccines and exams are just a sample of what we offer. After performing a comprehensive exam with the help of your pet's history, we make suggestions on diet, dental care, disease prevention, and future diagnostics or changes to help your pet. Our goal is to increase longevity without waiting until a disease process begins. 

We recommend simple tests such as urine samples on annual vaccines. With little money, a urine sample is a great screen for other diseases. We encourage annual heartworm and stool sample testing to insure early parasite detection. 

We all believe that diet is the single most important factor in your pet's healthcare. Excessive advertising makes choosing a diet confusing. Discussing nutrition with our staff opens a dialogue that will lead to a clearer understanding of our recommendations. 

Basic surgeries such as spays, neuters, and declaws are offered, as well as extensive surgeries such as bone surgeries, stone removals, rebuilding knees, and many others. We may suggest referral to board certified experts depending on the clients wishes or our inhibitions.

We have state of the art equipment enabling us to practice safe, simple medicine. Surgery patients leave a heated stainless surgery table and are housed in heated ICU cages in full view of our treatment areas. Our radiology suite includes a 300ma processor, automatic x-ray processing, and an ultrasound having the ability to forward pictures on disc to specialty radiologists.