Our facility can house 85 pets on a daily basis. We have separate boarding areas for dogs and cats. We are also willing to watch birds, reptiles, and small exotics.  You can choose to have your family dogs stay in an air conditioned run or in an appropriate sized kennel.  All 
dogs are walked and given the 
opportunity to play in the fenced yard 3 times daily.  All cats stay in a  specialized cat condominium with their own personal perch.  If you have multiple cats staying in our 
facility, then  they can be housed in  adjacent condominiums and co-mingle with one another.  Some pets have special needs and require the administration of medication.  Please let us know what medications your pet needs and when the medication must be given - we are happy to accommodate these special needs.

We do require that all pets be current on some vaccinations prior to their stay

If your pet is not up to date on his/her vaccinations, then we can provide this service for you.  In order to protect your pet against flea and tick transmitted diseases, we request that all pets that enter our boarding facility be flea and tick free.  If your pet has external parasites on admittance, then we will treat your pet with the appropriate medication.

Your pet can be admitted and discharged from the
boarding facility at no additional charge during the 
following hours. 

To take part in after hours drop off or pickup for boarding, your pet should be an established client in our facility, be pre-registered to board, and be prepaid as well.